A Gate Guard Is Always Watching Your Gates


Whether you own a business, a residential property, a condominium, a storage facility, or a school, you will probably need a security system to keep your assets safe. You may even need to go here to get a guard and security systems to monitor your premises.

There are many different types of security systems, including armed or unarmed guards, barbed wire, motion detectors, and alarm systems. You can also get a virtual gate guard to augment your security. These services are designed to increase your savings and decrease the number of trespassers and criminals.

The virtual guard gate has become a popular solution in condos, equestrian facilities, and garages. These systems work by recording visitors' face and license plate information and transmitting it to a central control station. This means that the guard is always monitoring the gate and can keep potential intruders at bay.

This links https://jgsecurity.com/gate-guard-services/oil-gas-security/ directs you to the J&G Security App which is a great way to view gate activity logs and safety information. This system is able to store data in the cloud and export it to an Excel document. The app also features real-time security monitoring. The app provides an easy and convenient way to view videos and photos.

The technology behind the VG is impressive. It is able to monitor the community's access points and notify the appropriate division when an alert occurs. This is accomplished by monitoring a security surveillance video feed, which is transmitted in real time. The system also provides automatic alerts to the guard when suspicious activities occur. This makes the VG an ideal complement to your existing security program.

Another feature of the VG is that it can also activate an access control system remotely. This can allow your guards to bypass problems caused by priority scheduling or prioritization. For example, if a resident arrives at the gate late, the VG can correct his or her status by locking the gate. The VG also monitors access points for Vandalism. This helps prevent accidents that can cause damage to the property.

The VG also uses audio and video technologies to record visitor and employee faces and provide a comprehensive look at the activities of each individual at the gate. It is also able to store this information for future reference.

The VG is a tad more sophisticated than the typical security guard. The VG can even track the location of a vehicle to determine if a theft is occurring. The VG can even notify onsite management if a person is seen to be breaking into the building. The VG also records the names, faces, and vehicle license plate numbers of visitors to confirm their identity.

The VG has many other features, such as an automated "post order" system and an easy-to-use interface that is customizable to suit your community's needs. These features, along with a comprehensive set of results, make the VG an ideal solution for any gated community. This security solution provides 24/7 protection and is an excellent choice for businesses, schools, and government buildings. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_guarding.

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